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SEM is a non-governmental organization that was created in 1994 to assist the resettlement of foreign nationals in the field of science and technology in Korea. Since then, we have worked to support foreign nationals adjust to life in Korea and become more accustomed to the Korean language and culture.

200 volunteers work together to support foreign professionals in the field of science and technology at Daedeog Science Town, international college students, and foreign inmates.
We work to introduce them to the Korean culture, assist them in learning the Korean language, and at times just become their friends.
These efforts cumulate in our Korean language classes and various cultural events.
It is our sincere hope that they do not feel lonely and alienated in a foreign country and that we are able to enrich their experience in Korea.

We encourage those visiting our website to participate in our efforts, and we hope that you will share our message and efforts in creating a more united global community.

SEM International, Representative Director, Insun Song